General Light and Power

CABLELEC can install additional Power and lighting throughout your house.

It may be adding additional power points, moving power points, adding additional lighting and switches or a complete change in existing layout.

We can replace older style power points with new ones and replace old light fittings with new modern day types.

We can install new power and lighting circuits to accommodate the additional demands and growth of today’s energy requirements.

Contact CABLELEC today to see how can assist you.

CABLELEC General Light and Power Solutions Include-

  • Installation of Power Points
  • Installation of light fittings
  • Installation of light switches and dimmers
  • Electrical fault finding and repairs
  • Additional power circuits
  • Installation of security and flood lighting
  • Installation of Exhaust fans
  • Installation of ceiling fans
  • Installation of IXL 3in1 bathroom heaters
  • Installation of smoke detectors
  • Air conditioner wiring
  • Underground power